MGA/Catchment Sensitive Farming Case Studies

Sunday, April 29, 2018

The six case studies produced via the MGA/Catchment Sensitive Farming collaborative project are avaiable to download from the MGA website.  The case studies are based on colaborative work done by both organisations, and others, over the last 10 years the aim of which has been to reduce the risk of negative environmental impacts of inappropriatly grown maize.  Subjects covered include

  1. The MGA Maize Charter
  2. Cover crop undersowing
  3. Growing maize under film 
  4. When to sow maize
  5. Optimum seed bed cultivations
  6. Starter fertiliser
Please feel free to circulate to others as you see fit. 

Downloadable Documents


MGA/CSF Case Study 1 - The MGA Maize Charter


MGA/CSF Case Study 2 - Undersowing Maize


MGA/CSF Case Study 3 - Growing maize under film


MGA/CSF Case Study 4 - When to drill maize


MGA/CSF Case Study 5 - Seed bed cultivation


MGA/CSF Case Study 6 - Starter fertiliser

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