MGA Products and Services

The MGA is not a commercial input supplier preferring to be independent of the commercial sales pressures. Over the years however we have identified two areas where we feel we can offer significant benefits to members without compromising our independence.

MGA Minerals


The MGA range of ruminant minerals was devised by the MGA team as a result of research trips to France during which it became apparent that farmers were feeding standard maize diet specific minerals to their livestock. Not finding similar products back in the UK on our return we worked with Mole Valley Farmers, to develop our current range of milking, dry, grazing and youngstock minerals. One hundred percent of the small levy taken on the sale of MGA minerals is reinvested in the association activities.

Unlike some other products the MGA minerals continue to be formulated to 100% of the specification printed on the label.

For those members with specific mineral needs additions can be made to the standard MGA range by contacting Mole Valley Direct.

MGA Silage Analysis

Accurate analysis of feeds ensures rations are balanced and expensive food is not wasted.  The MGA have an ongoing commercial relationship with national recognised Scientec /Nutrition Resource Management (NRM) who via the MGA office offer members a complete analysis service.

Members interested in both the above should contact the office for specific details.