As a subscription funded organisation the MGA continually strives to meet our members needs however rather than take our word for it we would urge you to read the following supportive testimonials from prominent industry figures and MGA members.


Since its inception, the MGA has been able to provide one of the only truly independent source of information. In this highly volatile market for feeds, information can quickly become out of date, and hence can easily be taken out of context.

I feel that MGA membership is a must, and you can expect payback on very few acres of maize. I have a special interest in Grain Maize and I feel that this crop has an exciting future. We also seem to be experiencing some of the possible benefits of climate change and crops such as maize will continue to form an increasingly important part of the rotation.

Alistair House: Farmer, GNTA recipient and Nuffield Scholar 2009

We have grown maize on a small scale for many years without being members, and joined as our acreage increased for feeding our biogas plant. We find we recoup the value of the membership fee (think of it as a fraction of a trailer load of maize!) after a short while at the first event of the year we attend. We find that the nitrogen prediction service saves us considerably, and appreciate the advice on variety choice.

The MGA is small enough to be able to know people, but large enough to have access to excellent technical support; we wish we had joined years ago.

Stephen Temple: Farmer and Farmers Weekly Environmental farmer of the year 2010

As we move into an era of tightening global commodity stocks, the ability to produce more from our own resources will be increasingly important. In the right situation maize can have a key role to play in this, whether it be forage maize, grain maize or one of the other variants of the crop. Growing the crop to the best of our ability and to the highest standards of environmental practice are key requisites for producing a low cost, high quality crop that meets the requirements of the final user.

The MGA continues to be the leading provider of unbiased, sensible and pragmatic advice for maize growers and does so at a very low cost. The combination of timely mailings, telephone support, farm visits and demonstrations provide valuable advice which has benefitted our business considerably over the years – I would not want to be without it.

David Christensen: Farmer, past MGA Chairman & Milk LINK council member

My journey with the MGA has taken me from producing the best quality maize silage for my dairy herd to building a biogas plant that runs purely on maize silage.

The MGA recognises the need for research and development in the biogas field and has put trials in place to meet this new exciting opportunity for maize production in the UK.

The MGA is run by 'Growers for Growers' so its practical approach with timely newsletters makes me feel always in touch with the latest techniques and thinking with respect to quality cost effective maize growing.

John Jackson: Farms Manager, Severn Trent Water