Nutrition and Maize Silage

Friday, September 16, 2016

It is widely recognised that this is a very challenging time for the dairy sector. However, better news now appears to be on the horizon in terms of an increase in the milk price and some stability in the feed market. All aspects of most farm businesses have been challenged in recent months and alternative strategies and options evaluated. This has been particularly relevant for all areas related to nutrition. It is important that despite maize silage having been a consistent part of the diet for many producers in the UK for many years that the nutritional benefits of feeding maize silage continue to be challenged. The article initially considers the basic aspects of the nutritive value of maize silage and then outlines a number of exciting developments in maize silage related research that may be applicable in the near future. It will be part of a series of updates intended to keep members of the association up to speed with various new nutritional developments related to feeding maize silage.

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