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Monday, November 23, 2015

Due to the ongoing pressure of growing inappropriate crops on inappropriate fields, we have made available to non members our variety selector proforma. 

The aim of this proforma is to provide guidance to growers as to the suitability of their individual fields for maize and, if a field is suitable, direction to the most appropriate maturity class. 

Growers should use the form (Step 9) to collate a score/maturity class for their field. If a field scores more than 12 (the earliest maturity variety on the list) then its suitability for maize should be questioned and alternatives such as biodegradable film or wholecrop cereal silage considered. 

The proforma is avalable to all maize growers, be they MGA members or not in the hope that it plays a small part in reducing the area of inappropriately grown maize in the UK.




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