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MGA Events

MGA Maize Nutrition Days 2017

MGA Maize Nutrition Days 2017

From: Thursday, September 7, 2017
To: Thursday, September 21, 2017

‘Profit from improving the quality of maize silage diets for dairy cows’

 Based at a local meeting room, Mike Wilkinson will lead the group through the sessions identified below. The plan is to spend as much time as possible on farm.

 Introductions.  Purpose and objectives of Maize Feeding Days, details of farm.

 Session 1. Assessing maize crop maturity and ensiling management.

  • The importance of hitting target maize DM%.

  • Collection of a representative sample and subsequent DM% assessment

  • Ensiling best practice.

 Session 2.  Removing silage from the silo (at silo feed face).

    • Safety.  Risks, policy, procedures.

    • Causes of aerobic spoilage – top layer, feed face.  Changes in silage composition and feed value.

    • Mycotoxins - formation, risk to livestock health and productivity, signs of mycotoxicosis.

    • Target feed out progression rate.

    • Sampling silage  – how to take samples for lab analysis, sampling frequency.

    • Effect of rain on feed face.

 Session 3. Mixing feeds (at feed trough).

  • Mixing sequence and duration.

  • How to avoid sorting – chop length, compact diets.

  • Stimulating rumination.

 Session 4.  Forage quality, diet formulation and environmental impact of feeds.

  • NDF and fibre requirements, NDF digestibility.

  • Least cost v best diet for the cows’ health.

  • Choice of supplements.

  • Environmental impact – reducing diet carbon footprints.

 Session 5. Assessing success and failure

  • Feed efficiency; milk per tonne of silage.

  • Indicators of unbalanced diet (e.g. cud spitting, matted coat, urine drinking, mineral consumption, very thin or very fat cows). 

  • Faeces composition. Liquidity, large particles.

  • The cost is £100/head inc. VAT

  • The events will have a 10.00 am start and conclude with a hot lunch at approximately 1.30 pm.

    I would like to book _____ places at (please tick box to indicate which venue)                          

    1. 7th September – Rowley Farm, Black Park Road, Wexham, Buckinghamshire, SL3 6DR Courtesy of John Whitby and Partners.                                                                                 

    2. 19th September – Park Farm, Pilton, Shepton Mallet, Somerset BA4 4EH – Courtesy of Michael Christensen and Partners.

    3. 21st September – Marriott Farm, Cotes de Val, Lutterworth, Leicestershire LE17 4LY – Courtesy of Nigel Smith and Partners.